Markets across the globe are slumping as fears of inflation and trade wars hit investors. Analysts say the MSCI, measuring world market trends, is on track for a 1.2 per cent loss this week.

This comes as investors wait for a jobs report in the US expected to push unemployment down to four per cent with a forecast of a job gain of over 192,000 in April. This could push the Federal Reserve to hike the interest rate in June.

The US is also at odds with China still as reports say the two sides can’t come to a trade deal while meeting in Beijing. Oil is moving up again this morning to 68.79 a barrel.

But it’s not helping the Loonie which is down to 77.68 cents US.

Montreal is picking up steam in the real estate market as detached home prices on average are just over $300,000, the lowest price compared to other big city  markets like Toronto and Vancouver.