By 2021, Muskoka will have longer, hotter and wetter summers.

That’s according to a new federal-funded report named the Climate Atlas of Canada. The report forecasts future weather patterns based on the worst climate change predictions over the next 60 years.

The report predicts between 2021 and 2050, Muskoka would gain 22 summer days and there would be 10 more days with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees. It would be a lot wetter too, with at least 260 mm of rainfall each year.

And with everything heating up, that means winters will be shorter and warmer than usual, with the district only seeing about one day per year get below minus 30 on average.

Researchers who created the report hope it will bring the reality of climate change closer to home by giving specific forecasts for each part of the country. You can find a link to the map here.