A one-of-a-kind festival that helps to boost the local economy. That’s what organizer Miranda Mulholland says the Sawdust City Music Festival does for Gravenhurst. The second annual event is coming up this summer and will feature award-winning artists such as the Good Lovelies, Rose Cousins, and Royal Wood, who were announced to be playing this week. Mulholland says one of the festival’s primary focus is to bring people to Gravenhurst to eat, shop and stay, and they work with the BIA and the Chamber of Commerce to make that happen, as well as making it a positive event for everyone which builds sustainability.
Mulholland says Gravenhurst has a lot to offer with its history, walkable downtown, parks, stores and restaurants, making it an ideal location for such an event. She says she hopes the events garners a mix of locals and visitors again this year, by focusing on creating opportunities for one-of-a-kind musical collaborations. She also notes they try to keep the price low, while still offering world-class entertainment.
Another attempt to make this a financial boost for Muskoka, according to Mulholland, is to create weekend passes that would allow visitors to stay longer and continue to bring money to the area. She said they are also focusing on making the festival family-friendly by introducing a Kids Zone at Rotary Park during the weekend festivities. According to Mulholland, last year’s festival saw an abundance of local excitement and positivity, and organizers say they heard many great things from visitors and locals that love hanging out in Muskoka.
Mulholland says as Muskoka awaits the festival, a few more surprises are yet to be revealed in the upcoming months. To see the full music line-up, and other features about the upcoming music festival, click here. Weekend and VIP passes are on sale now.