Don’t take those snow tires off just yet. According to Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson, a snowfall expected for this weekend will leave a messy mix of snow, rain and freezing rain in Muskoka.

Bracebridge OPP Constable Mo Tilson says those who have been optimistic about warm weather, and already removed their snow tires, need to be extra careful in hazardous driving conditions.

Tilson says along with the snowfall, animals coming out of hibernation adds to stressful driving conditions for Muskokans. She says there’s already been movement of bear, deer, and moose in the area that enjoy the salt left in snowbanks after a plow has pushed it off the road.

Tilson says to always leave your headlights on, leave lots of space between you and the car in front of you, and always obey the speed limit.

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