Commercial summer flights aren’t coming to Muskoka anytime soon.

Explorers’ Edge Executive Director James Murphy says the district needs to wait for Bill C49, or the Transportation Modernization Act, to be passed in order to move forward with commercial flights. The bill has an amendment allowing small airports to access screening services from Canadian Air Transportation Service Authority. Murphy says there’s no way to know when the bill will be passed, but he’s hopeful to have flights coming to Muskoka by 2019.

Until then Explorers’ Edge is moving forward with an advertising campaign in the US to attract more tourists from across the border to the district. This campaign is being funded, in part, by a FedNor grant.

Muskoka officials had just announced the final stages of a deal to bring commercial flights to the airport in Gravenhurst this summer but didn’t name the carrier involved in the agreement. District officials believe allowing commercial flights to come to Muskoka will help boost tourism for the area.

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