Where it’s legal or illegal, growing marijuana at home can cost you thousands of dollars. That’s according to the Lakelands Association of Realtors, which wants to see perspective buyers protected from the risks of buying a former grow-up property. With recreational pot use becoming legal sometime this year, people can grow up to four plants at home. Lakelands association President Mike Stahls says even if a buyer has interest in a former grow-up house, purchasing it is extremely difficult.

One the police confirm a grow-op, it is registered on the property’s title. Stahls says if remedial work is done on the home that should also be on the deed as well.

Stahls adds that landlords are worried about how tenants growing marijuana at home will affect their investments. He says there should be a restriction on the amount of plants residents can grow based on the size of the property.

Stahls says the recommendations came from the Ontario Association of Realtors. According to O.R.E.A. moisture buildup from grow-ops can cause serious damage to properties.

You can see O.R.E.A’s recommendations here.