Pros and Cons To Self Driving Vehicles

For almost 50 years, Wally’s Garage in Bracebridge has been repairing all kinds of vehicles. From cars and trucks to imports to domestics to standards and automatics. Wally’s has seen it all. And soon, they may be seeing a new kind of automatic car rolling into the garage; a self-driving one.

The debate for self-driving autonomous vehicles is becoming more and more common.

There are strong arguments for both sides to consider. For the positive:

  • In theory, there would be fewer accidents, as human error would be nullified.
  • Self-driving cars could be accessible to anyone. Children, senior citizens, visually-impaired or other impaired citizens, intoxicated or simply fatigued drivers would all be able to transport themselves safely without any unnecessary hazards.
  • Always looking for a parking space? Parking scarcity could be resolved, as the car could drop off passengers, park far away and then return to pick them up!
  • Less traffic jams! A better management of traffic flow would occur and would be monitored over a controlled system.
  • There would be fewer cars on the road, as families would only need one car to suit the needs of every member. This would sequentially cut down on emissions and be more environmentally friendly.

That’s the positive side of the coin. There’s many advantages to them!

However, autonomous cars present a great deal of disadvantages as well:

  • Car enthusiasts would definitely disagree giving up driving their own vehicle. To many, driving a car means much more than reaching a simple destination.
  • It could be an economically dangerous! If self-driving cars were implemented everywhere, job losses would be monumental, as there would no longer be a need for professional drivers, such as cab, bus or semi truck transportation.
  • In addition to the above economic impact, autonomous cars would be much more expensive to buy, not to mention setting up electronic sensors on every accessible road or highway.
  • Finally, self-driving vehicles are still undergoing research and can’t be trusted to operate without error, until further advances are made. We have already seen a fatal incident with a self-driving car and until we can be confident autonomous vehicles are safe, they should be kept as ideal prospect for the future, but visualized with caution.

There are many advantages to self-driving vehicles. They are probably an inevitable advancement in terms of practically and ecologically. However they are not without economic and social consequences.

Until they do arrive on our roads, you can be sure when your vehicle needs repairs, you can self-drive to one place guaranteed to be a positive experience.

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