A hundred years and over 1.5 million sets of found keys. Returning lost keys is just one of the accomplishments of The War Amps over the last century. Public Awareness Officer Jamie Lunn says the organization was started after World War I when war amputee veterans returned to Canada. She says there wasn’t a lot of support for amputees to integrate back into society, and so the organization was born to help each other and eventually World War II veterans as well.

Lunn says once the support veterans needed was in place, the servicemen changed their focus to help civilian and child amputees. She says that’s one of the organizations biggest accomplishments to date.


The War Amps is now running its annual Key Tag campaign, which is a free service provided to Canadians. Lunn says when Canadians find value in the service, like not having to replace expensive electronic keys and remote devices, they’ll often donate to The War Amps.



Lunn says when you get your key tags in the mail they are already registered with your name and address and are active, so all you have to do is put them on your keychain. If you’re already on the list, you’ll get them automatically. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can order a set of key tags on The War Amps website at any time throughout the year, and Lunn says they’ll arrive within a few weeks.

Lunn says The War Amps thanks everyone who has donated in the past, as it helps to support its programming. You can also donate to the cause on the website.