For Mayor Graydon Smith the fight for two hospital sites continues. In response to the debates over the future of Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s hospital sites, Smith says they are continuing business as usual and fighting for the community to preserve the two sites instead of moving to one site which has been previously proposed.

He says Muskokans have been clear about their wants and needs from the beginning and their combined voices will hopefully have enough impact on any final decisions. 

A Facebook page called “Listen to the People, MAHC!” climbed to nearly 7000 followers over the past few weeks. Smith says Muskokans who are voicing their opinions about MAHC’s future plans on the page, are making a clear message of what the community is expecting. He says the page allows councillors and hospital officials to see the outside conversation. Smith says he and Huntsville Mayor, Scott Aitchison are working through the task force and talking to the Ministry of Health to push for the two hospital sites.

The next meeting for Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is set for April 12th in Bracebridge.

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