An appeal for an opposed quarry project is coming back to Muskoka Lakes this summer.

Ontario Municipal Board officials will be holding a second prehearing in Port Carling to review the appeal for the proposed Lippa Quarry. The project was rejected by council last year after hundreds of community members showed up at a public meeting to oppose it. Many local residents were concerned about extra truck traffic and mercury leaking into the nearby Skeleton Lake. Property owners Frank and Elizabeth Lippa have requested the project application be reviewed by a tribunal through the OMB.

This prehearing will give OMB officials a chance to review the details of this project with township officials and the applicants before a tribunal date is set. A prehearing was already held in February. The next hearing is set for July 13th at the Port Carling Community Centre at 10am. The OMB has the power to overturn decisions made by municipal councils on projects like the quarry.

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