The Sunshine List is returning with some new additions in Muskoka for 2017.

The report offers a look at all Ontario Public Sector salaries that are $100,000 a year or higher. This includes municipal employees that work in towns and at the district office in Muskoka.

The District of Muskoka has seen the highest jump in sunshine list earners with nine new employees bumping above the $100,000 mark compared to the 22 from last year. This is mostly due to the district taking over paramedic services in 2017, which used to be contracted out. Eight of the additions to the list are paramedics. CAO Michael Duben tops the list as the highest earner in the district at over $204,000.

Bracebridge and Gravenhurst didn’t have any new additions to the sunshine list. In Bracebridge CAO John Sisson remains top earner at over $147,000. In Gravenhurst, Treasurer Val Sequeira topped the list at over $130,000. Huntsville ended up losing a few top earners. In 2016 there were nine, but that dropped to six in 2017. At the top of the list for the town is CAO Denise Corry at over $151,000.

At Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare, CEO Natalie Bubela is topping the list as she earned over $241,000 in 2017. Trillium Lakelands District School Board Director of Education Larry Hope had the biggest jump in salary from $200,000 in 2016 to over $300,000 last year. Simcoe Muskoka District School Board Superintendent of Education Jane Dillon-Leitch took a pay cut from $241,000 in 2016 to just over $176,000 last year.

You can get a look at all the municipal salaries above $100,000 in 2017 just below and for all other salary inquiries check out the Ontario earnings website.

District of Muskoka

  • Laurie Bissonette, Director of Finance, $126,070.50
  • Jamie Clow, District Solicitor, $170,381.62
  • Chantelle Denstedt, Director of Information Technology Services, $124,148.95
  • Sharon Donald, Director of Budgets and Financial Planning, $126,070.50
  • Christy Doyle, Director of Environmental and Watershed Services, $116,245.65
  • Michael Duben, CAO, $204,087.38
  • Cheryl Faber, Director of Programs, $116,674.51
  • Marcus Firman, Director of Water and Wastewater Operations, $142,192.87
  • Dane Graham, Primary Care Paramedic, $111,701.72
  • Samantha Hastings, Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development, $170,384.72
  • Michelle Hendry, Director of Engineering Transportation and Solid Waste, $138,985.80
  • Maryan Hudswell, Assistant District Solicitor, $116,674.50
  • Fred Jahn, Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works, $167,679.73
  • Charmaine Kaye, Director of Care, $116,642.57
  • Elizabeth Landry, Director of Human Resources, $125,197.45
  • Roy Lovold, Primary Care Paramedic, $101,690.35
  • Jackie Mattice, Director of Programs, $100,525.12
  • Jeffrey McWilliam, Chief of Paramedic Services, $126,070.50
  • Darcy Medland, Primary Care Paramedic, $105,002.32
  • Mark Misko, Manager of Roads Maintenance and Construction, $103,590.30
  • Mike Mitchell, Area Manager Water and Sewer, $103,073.64
  • James Norrie, Primary Care Paramedic, $101,893.13
  • Brad Oke, Primary Care Paramedic, $109,669.07
  • Mark Pringle, Area Manager Water and Sewer, $102,639.87
  • Katherine Rannie, Administrator, $126,041.99
  • Julie Stevens, Commissioner of Finance and Corporate Services, $170,381.62
  • Isaiah Tyron, Primary Care Paramedic, $103,372.46
  • Summer Valentine, Director of Planning, $112,570.80
  • Amanda Walker, Primary Care Paramedic, $100,276.00
  • Richard Williams, Commissioner of Community Services, $170,381.62
  • Jeff Yeo, Manager of Facilities Services, $101,621.05

Muskoka Lakes

  • Stephen Mcdonald, CAO, $156,058.20
  • Shannon Johnson, Treasurer, $117,271.73
  • Roger Young, Director of Public Works, $115,531.07
  • Cheryl Mortimer, Clerk, $111,775.50
  • David Pink, Director of Planning, $111,775.50
  • Rian Allen, Senior Planner, $100,716.72
  • Neil Donald, Development Services Coordinator, $100,072.58
  • Richard Hayes, Fire Chief, $100,072.58


  • Denise Corry, CAO, $151,436.03
  • Deborah Duce, CEO and Chief Librarian, $119,271.39
  • Stephen Hernen, Director of Operations and Protective Services, $119,304.94
  • Karina Lambe, Director of Community Services, $119,271.39
  • Julia McKenzie, Manager of Finance/Treasurer, $116,020.39
  • Lisa Smith, Manager of Human Resources, $118,451.85

Georgian Bay Township

  • Laurie Kennard, CAO, $151,222.03
  • Brad Sokach, Director of Operations, $111,360.25
  • Anthony Van Dam, Director of Fire and Emergency Services, $101,476.34
  • Jane Corbeil, Director of Financial Services/Treasurer, $115,451.96


  • Larry Brassard, Director of Fire and Emergency Services, $107,984.11
  • Glen B. Davis, CAO, $194,237.41
  • Scott Lucas, Director of Development Services, $117,666.51
  • Marta Proctor, Director of Communication, Culture and Recreation, $117,666.51
  • Valerian Sequeira, Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer, $130,029.71
  • Andrew Stacey, Director of Infrastructure Services, $117,600.71


  • Cheryl Kelley, Director of Planning and Development, $129,708.45
  • Lori Mcdonald, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, $119,243,36
  • Murray Medley, Fire Chief, $103,840.63
  • Cindy O’Regan, Director of Recreation, $121,127.78
  • Stephen Rettie, Director of Finance/Treasurer, $131,758.09
  • Walter Schmid, Director of Public Works, $131,795.77
  • John Sisson, CAO, $147,437.30

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