Gravenhurst is finding creative ways to connect with out-of-towners.

A mural at the town’s office showing photos of what it’s like to live and work in the town is said to be made up of 480 USB cards put together by the Economic Development team. Manager of the project, Jeff Loney says the idea is to get visitors to take one of the cards off the mural and give the card to someone from out of town. He says on that card are videos and photos of Gravenhurst and also an open invitation to come to the town to get a personal tour.

The tour would allow the team to take the person out for a few hours and get introduced to businesses and locals in the community. Loney says the goal is to have that person come back Gravenhurst, and place the card back on the mural to create what he calls a “bigger picture”.


Additional components to the card are said to be local success stories from businesses, relevant news articles regarding people who have moved and stayed in Gravenhurst, and finally, a display of people who have businesses that have grown from nothing to be multinational groups in the town. 

The program is expected to be launched by Spring.