The YMCA in Gravenhurst is already seeing the impact of the minimum wage increase. It was reported at last night’s council meeting that the ‘Y’ needs to adjust approximately $75,000 to accommodate the new wage increase.

Administrators are saying because most of the employees are part-time, the new rate had to be adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of staff. It was also reported that the minimum wage increase, and the changes to emergency leaves, will make a significant increase in expenses. Program administrators say they had to adjust certain fees and program efficiencies in order to offset costs for the organization.

When it comes to becoming a member of the facility, organizers say they want to stop any fee increases that would affect a person’s decision to join. Instead, it was said that increasing fees for day passes and reducing stat holiday hours could help subsidize costs for facility users.

The YMCA is saying that a new membership model will be introduced in Barrie later this year, and if deemed suitable for Gravenhurst, that change could be seen in Muskoka as well.