Drivers are going to notice a change in speed limit along one section of Muskoka Road 3 North. The District of Muskoka approved the Town of Huntsville’s request this week to lower the speed limit from 60 kilometres an hour to 50. That change will be from 665 Muskoka Road 3 North to Williamsport Road.

The idea was originally talked about in a Huntsville council meeting in September, as safety concerns were raised about the area. Councillor Jonathan Wiebe pointed out that traffic moves quickly up the hill in the area and flows around trucks going in and out of the quarry. He says cars were passing on the shoulder which causes a dangerous situation. On top of that, there are safety issues when snow is on the ground as pedestrians have to try and walk on what’s left of the shoulder when snow removal hasn’t cleared the entire area.

The district voted Monday to officially change the limit.