Facebook drama is continuing to drag down company shares this morning. The social media giant is now being probed by the US Federal Trade Commission into allegations user privacy rights were breached. The UK has also called on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify about the leak of user accounts to Cambridge Analytica. Shares dropped 6.75 percent yesterday and are down another 1.5 per cent today.

Traders are watching as the US Federal Reserve meets today and is expected to raise the interest rate by .25 per cent. Investors will be looking for any indication of another interest rate hike coming in the near future.

Wall Street and Bay street are both seeing gains as the Dow is up 156 points to 24, 766 and the TSX has climbed to 15,611.

The price of crude is continuing to climb, up to 63.49 a barrel.

Gold has slipped to 1,308 an ounce.

The Loonie has fallen from its morning climb, down to 76.41 cents US.