Retail space, a covered walkway, and a sidewalk connecting Main Street East and Minerva. Those are some of the ideas being proposed for a redevelopment of the old Dominion grocery store downtown Huntsville. The town’s planning committee has approved a site plan application for the project, which is also proposing a patio at the edge of the current parking area, a metal archway above the entrance to the parkette, and landscaping features. The second floor of the building will also have access to a balcony above the covered walkway.

The plan also proposes getting rid of the exit from the existing parking lot in order to add street parking. The building would feature stone veneer, timber beams, and a stucco exterior with 75 per cent of it windows when seen from Main Street.

The committee approved the plans based on a number of different policies. That includes the economic development goal, which is to provide a diverse economy by bringing in innovation, and a social goal to encourage and support a personal sense of well-being by maintaining a healthy, safe, and friendly community.

Huntsville town council has to approve the plans and drawings before the project moves forward.