Muskoka OSPCA is stepping up their practices to prevent the spread of canine influenza.

According to officials, regular routine and disinfection precautions are standard and already in place, however, South Muskoka’s scare recently with the dog flu has staff working hard to avoid spreading the virus. Manager of the shelter in Bracebridge, Jane McCamus, is saying that extra attention is crucial during the outbreak.

The OSPCA says already in place is checking a daily list and monitoring the overall health of the animals, however, keeping an eye out for excessive sneezing or coughing is on a closer watch for staff. Administrators for the Muskoka OSPCA are saying they will be upping the disinfection procedure of the facility by increasing the frequency of the process. 


It’s also been advised by the shelter to call ahead if you are planning to visit the shelter regardless of the reason.

McCamus is also saying an initial intake exam for pets will help with the spread of the virus.

Those who are planning on adopting from Muskoka OSPCA are being provided with the knowledge needed to keep their pet safe and healthy after leaving the shelter.