Affordable housing is proving to be one of the top priorities for the Green Party. Matt Richter, the Parry Sound Muskoka candidate for the Green Party of Ontario, delivered over 500 postcards to Queen’s Park late February asking for the province to meet the needs of residents in Parry-Sound Muskoka and province-wide. Richter says the postcard campaign acted as a petition for the greater public to listen and says he could not have done this without the work previous leaders and organizations have previously done. 

Richter is saying Ontario needs to offer municipalities the right incentives so they can provide proper resources with what they need to develop the affordable housing units. Richter states the responsibility should not solely reside in the Ministry of housing, but also the collaboration of other Ontario administrations, like health care and education, should be working to resolve the issue.

Richter hopes the province can see eye-to-eye on this matter and continue to work on a common goal.

Matt Richter has represented the Green Party in Parry Sound-Muskoka in the past three provincial elections and has been nominated to run again this year.