Ontario has unveiled the name and logo for its marijuana storefronts. Called the Ontario Cannabis Store, the name is meant to convey a safe and approachable atmosphere for consumers according to the province. This comes on the heels of an announcement Friday morning from the Wynne government on its plan to roll out marijuana legalization. Part of the plan is to shut down illegal storefronts by creating a Cannabis Intelligence Coordination Centre, which the province says will help to fight the unsafe and illegal supply of marijuana.

Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller says that could be a challenge for the government.

Miller says that’s probably the safest way to do it, but it’s a valid issue on how they are going to deal with the current stores.

The province also announced today it will provide $40 million from its revenue of the federal excise tax on recreational marijuana over two years to municipalities. The goal of that is to help offset implementation costs. On top of that, Ontario says it plans to increase the capacity of the police by funding training for officers so they can detect marijuana-impaired drivers.

Miller says it’s a tight timeframe to see if police will be ready by this summer, which is when marijuana is expected to be legalized.

So far, 29 store locations have been named but none are in Muskoka. Lindsay will be getting a store, along with Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, and Hamilton. Online sales will be conducted through Shopify.