Some changes could be in store for Chaffey Street. Huntsville is looking at extending the sidewalk on the west side, between Manominee Street and Cann Street, and create a bus pullover lane where five seasonal parking spots are currently located. Town staff is also recommending the District of Muskoka adds the section of road to its no parking by-law. The reasoning for the change is because Freshco doesn’t have a proper sidewalk with accessible areas during the winter. Staff also says the same area is a parallel parking lot during the rest of the year, and once cars are parked they block anyone trying to get through in an assisted mobility device.

On top of that, there is a bus stop in the area and staff says the bus has to stop on the road for passengers to get on and off. That’s because if anyone is using a wheelchair or scooter, they can’t get over the curbs due to a lack of proper curb cuts.

Staff says the location is a busy one, and it’s trying to serve three different usages but not doing any of them well. Staff says if the parallel parking is gone, there will be enough room to provide a safe sidewalk and a safe bus stop for everyone. Although the parking spots would be lost, staff points out there is plenty of on-street parking on adjacent streets.