This week’s town council meeting in Bracebridge had members debating.  Allowing a 2-day, overnight camping event at Annie Williams Park this summer was a heated topic of conversation during Wednesday’s meeting.

Opposed council members are saying that not all ducks are in a row to allow such an occurrence to take place while others are saying the town needs to continue to take risks for such events.

Deputy Mayor Rick Maloney is saying it’s important for Bracebridge to be open to the motion stating the town should to take a chance so that similar events could have a positive impact on the community in the future. 

Those against overnight camping worry things like alcohol use or risk of campfires could be detrimental to the park if no enforcement is in place. Opposed members also addressed their concerns saying that a precedent needs to be set to avoid saying ‘yes’ to one event and ‘no’ to another.

The motion that would not allow the overnight event was later carried. Maloney says he respects the decision of fellow council, and hopes staff can provide a report on overnight camping in Bracebridge and how it relates to town and municipal parks.

The topic could be an ongoing debate for council.