Ontario is working to ensure Muskoka’s tourism industry stays vibrant this year.

The Ministry of Tourism is investing over $150,000 in Muskoka events focused on driving up the tourism rates this year. Major events like What’s Cooking Bracebridge, the World Water Ski Show Tournament and the Bala Cranberry Festival have all received provincial funding.

Provincial officials say Ontario’s tourism industry provides jobs to over 300,000 residents annually.

Here is a list of all the events in Muskoka that have been funded by this tourism grant:

  • Huntsville Festival of the Arts, July 5th to August 18th, $66,500
  • Muskoka Yoga Festival, July 14th and 15th in Bracebridge, $15,293
  • CineMuskoka, August 31st to September 2nd in Huntsville, $5,500
  • World Water Ski Show Tournament, September 3rd to the 9th, $25,000
  • What’s Cooking Bracebridge?, September 28th to the 30th, $4,928
  • Bala Cranberry Festival, October 12th to the 14th in Muskoka Lakes, $23,605
  • Bracebridge Fire and Ice Festival, January 26th and 27th, $15,400