Employment numbers are continuing to rise in Gravenhurst. That’s according to the results of the 2017 Business Survey Report, which looked at workforce growth, business satisfaction, and business growth.

The survey results show businesses appear to be satisfied with the local economy, increasing from 56 per cent satisfaction in 2016 to 81 per cent last year. More jobs were also created last year; there was a net increase of 54 new full-time positions, 20 new part-time positions, 10 full-time seasonal and 22 part-time seasonal.

The biggest problem businesses reported is finding, and keeping, employees throughout the year, including both skilled and unskilled. Another issue is finding efficient ways to market to local and seasonal residents and the seasonality of the town.

It also lists some ways for the town to help business owners. Some options include holding more information sessions on topics like building code changes, creating more attainable housing, and attracting more people to Gravenhurst all year.


The annual survey has been put out every year since 2015, and the number of responses is growing. Julia Crowder, Gravenhurst’s Economic Development Coordinator says the survey is important, and the town appreciates everyone who fills it out to help make the community a better place to live and work. The full survey results are available on the town’s website.