Scott Aitchison wants to take you on a trip through Huntsville’s history.

The Huntsville Mayor says he was recently given the challenge to find a project that celebrates Huntsville’s culture. Aitchison says being a history buff he immediately thought of creating a timeline of past council members in the town.

Aitchison says while he was creating this timeline, he noticed one goal that every mayor has had from the beginning.

Looking back, Aitchison says he couldn’t have put together such an in-depth project without the help of his volunteers.

The timeline starts in 1886 with Huntsville’s first Reeve Louis E. Kinton and moves right to Aitchison’s run in the 2000s.

But, he says there are a few gaps in the more recent town history. He says he’s left these open so past mayors who are still alive can help add to the project by creating their own biographies.

You can find a link to Aitchison’s project here.