The risk of US inflation isn’t holding back investors as global stock markets continue to climb on Friday. The MSCI is at 0.4 and experts say the world index tracker is heading to its best weekly update in over six years. This gives traders hope that the second half of February will be a stark contrast from the lowly beginning of the month.

Oil prices are on the rise this morning, up 0.04 to 61.21 a barrel.

Gold is gaining 2.60 to 1,357 an ounce.

The Loonie has pushed back into the 80 cent range down slightly to 80.04 cents US.

Air Canada shares are expected to boost Bay Street this morning after the company reported $8 million in profits in its fourth quarter. This pushed shares up 22 cents, which pushed far past analyst estimates of 14 cents per share. Reports from Heinz, Kraft and a Stats Can update on December factory sales are all expected today.