Officials say investing in the downtown library is important even if it’s not there forever.

Bracebridge wants to add $70,000 to a reserve meant for elevator upgrades in the public building. The plan is to add an automatic door to the lift and make it wheelchair friendly. The town put $70,000 in the reserve last year, so this addition would push it up to $140,000.

Mayor Graydon Smith says the plan is to eventually add the library to the proposed arena complex, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore accessibility needs now.

Smith says Carnegie building won’t be left empty after the library is moved. He says it’s likely the town will repurpose the property which means the building would still need to be accessible to everyone.

This library accessibility investment will be reviewed with other projects and capital needs tomorrow as councillors prepare to put the final stamp of approval on the 2018 budget. If this year’s proposal is approved, it would come with a 3.4 per cent tax increase. That would add about $30 to the tax bill on a $100,000 home.

The meeting starts at 7pm in council chambers.

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