After multiple reviews by a variety of committees, the District of Muskoka is almost ready to pass its budget. The Committee of the Whole met last week to review the 2018 budget and the changes proposed by all of the various standing committees that reviewed it, including community services, engineering and public works, planning and economic development, and corporate and emergency services.

The district’s Commissioner of Finance and Corporate Services Julie Stevens says the 1.38 per cent increase has been bumped up to a 1.7 per cent increase over last year. That translates to an additional $14.90 on the yearly tax bill for a home worth $300,000.

Stevens says the largest amendment to the budget after the reviews was adding $200,000 to the Hospital Financing Levy which is currently $400,000. She says the amendment also dedicated that levy to existing Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare facility needs or other projects as identified, once the current allocations have been completed.

The District of Muskoka council will meet later this month to officially approve the budget.

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