She may only be 15-years-old, but she’s taking on the best and she’s winning. Ashley Campbell is a Huntsville High School student who is in Collingwood this week to take on the top Alpine Skiiers in Ontario in the under-16 category. Of her seven races so far in 2018, she’s won five. That includes two wins so far this week.

Campbell, who started racing at Hidden Valley, is competing in the provincial competition before next month’s national championships. Executive Director of Alpine Ontario, Scott Barrett, says she’s already qualified for that competition.


Barrett says her start to the year is phenomenal and notes the training is no easy feat.


And by the time winter rolls around, Barrett says they’re skiing 80 to 100 days in a season.

Barrett says Campbell is a strong contender to make the Ontario Ski Team.


Barrett says they pick athletes for the team based on scores, work ethic, attitude and commitment level.

He says the fact that Campbell started skiing out of Hidden Valley, which is where Olympian Dara Howell also learned how to ski, goes to show the size of the hill doesn’t really matter.

Campbell races again throughout the weekend, and the national championships run on March 7th to 11th in Collingwood. Alpine skiing is a downhill race and has been part of the Olympics since 1936.