Korbin South’s family is circulating a petition to put up a fence along the river. His aunt Sherri Morin says a fence is the best way to prevent this horrific experience for someone else.

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According to Morin, this wasn’t the first time Burk’s Falls council received a request to build a fence along the river. She says it was denied a few years about because it wasn’t a concern at the time and it would affect the snowmobile trail.

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Morin and the rest of the family will be continuing to push for signatures. She is asking residents to watch out for people wearing black Korbin’s Fence t-shirts.

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Korbin died last week, after falling into the rapidly moving Magnetawan River in Burk’s Falls. 


(Photo By: Melissa Candelaria) Korbin South’s family collecting donations at the Powassan Fall Fair on Sunday.