Huntsville residents are getting a chance to weigh in on the ATV rules in Port Sydney. The town is going to host a public meeting next month, after residents asked for the restrictions to be lifted. At last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting in Huntsville, two residents came forward to ask for the change, and brought a petition with over 160 signatures.

Right now, Port Sydney is an ATV restricted area and residents want to be able to use their off-road vehicles on the streets and to get around town. The pair that spoke to the town last week also say ATVs are a tourism driver and it’s crucial to be able to promote local business. Huntsville’s off-road vehicle bylaw states ATVs are allowed on municipal roads, but not in urban areas which includes Port Sydney.

The town had some discussion about the benefits of lifting the restriction, like boosting tourism, and the negatives like opposition from some community members. In the end, it was decided a public meeting will be held next month to gather more input.