Huntsville residents can now dedicate a seat at one of the town’s arenas or theatre to a loved one. The Town of Huntsville and the Algonquin Theatre have launched a new Municipal Seat Dedication Program, which allows community members to purchase a plaque that will go on a seat in the Jack Bionda Arena, Don Lough Arena or the Algonquin Theatre.

There are 155 seats available at the Algonquin Theatre, 443 seats at the Jack Bionda Arena and 1354 seats available at the Don Lough Arena. The cost to dedicate a seat is $250, and the money will go into the Algonquin Theatre and Sports Memorabilia. The plaques will be on the chairs for the lifespan of the seat, for a minimum of 10 years, and dedication is a first come first serve basis.

Huntsville’s Director of Community Services, Kari Lambe, says many life-changing moments happen in the town’s arenas and theatre; from first games to first goals, and first performances. She says the program gives the community a chance to recognize important members and life moments.

You can find the seat dedication form on the town’s website or the Algonquin Theatre website.

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