Huntsville’s bus staff is getting a pay hike due to Bill 148. The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act bumped the minimum wage to $14 at the beginning of the month, and it will increase again in 2019 to $15 an hour. Because of that, Huntsville’s bus operator asked council to approve an extra $1146.20 every month, for a yearly total of $13,754 .

Town staff recommended council approve the cost because of the uncertainty of the future of transit in Huntsville. Council has been pinpointing issues with the current system, like the wait time in between buses and lack of shelters, and discussing ways to improve it. However, nothing has been decided on yet and if council didn’t approve the wage increase for the Campbell Bus lines, it could have pulled out of the contract. Staff says that means the town would have to find another operator for six months, and then try to do it all over again when the transit review is complete.

In the end, the cost was approved and the town will continue its talks about the system.

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