The District of Muskoka is reviewing its proposed 1.38 per cent tax hike next week. The Committee of the Whole is meeting on Wednesday and will look at the tax-supported part of the 2018 budget, which doesn’t include wastewater or sewer costs.

The district’s Commissioner of Finance and Corporate Services Julie Stevens says the increase equals out to be around $11.96 on a home worth $300,000. Stevens says the biggest driver for this year is increasing capital reserves.

She says the district plans to put another $572,000 into the reserve fund this year. Stevens says the public will get a chance to weigh in during Wednesday’s meeting, which gets underway at 9:00am.

You can also contact the District Clerk at (705) 645-2100 ext. 239 to be put on the agenda as a deputation, and you can make a presentation to council.

All of the district’s standing committees have reviewed the budget, including community services, engineering and public works, planning and economic development, and corporate and emergency services. Recommendations from those reviews will come forward on Wednesday, and the budget is expected to be adopted on February 20th.

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