Muskokans are getting a chance to weigh in on the salaries of some healthcare officials. Provincial legislation requires Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare to reach out to the public for feedback on its compensation program, which includes salary, performance-based compensation, benefits, and pensions. Executive compensation has been frozen for all public sector employees in Ontario since 2010, and the government has said it is going to unfreeze those salaries upon balancing the budget. It has created a process to help organizations like MAHC develop framework for those salaries.

MAHC’s draft plan provides a comparison of the salary caps for the executive positions at MAHC, which can’t be higher than the middle salary of eight comparable hospitals.

According to the Sunshine List, CEO Natalie Bubela made $244,007.11 in 2016. When comparing that to other hospitals, the CEO of Norfolk General Hospital & West Haldimand makes $251,043 at the low end, while Pembroke Regional Hospital CEO makes $308,255 at the high end. The framework outlines the median cap of the CEO comparator position is $277,500. That is the maximum the CEO can be paid. 

Chief Executive of Clinical Services Esther Millar made $140,207.74 in 2016 according to the Sunshine List. The same position makes $129,792 at Cornwall Community Hospital, ranging up to $177,899 at Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance. The framework outlines the median cap of the Chief Executive of Clinical Services position is $158,750.


The Board of Directors is required to ensure that compensation is current, competitive, and in line with current legislation. It’s also mandated to make sure the numbers are appropriate to attract, and keep, senior talent.

You can read about the compensation framework on the MAHC website, and then give your feedback on an online survey. The survey is open until February 22nd, and asks your thoughts on the plan.