New hydro equipment is being installed in Muskoka Lakes this weekend, putting 2,300 homes in the dark. A planned power outage is set for Bala, Torrance and Walker’s Point from 5:00am to 9:00am on Sunday.

Muskoka Lakes Fire Chief Richard Hayes says if you’re going to use a generator to provide power, make sure it’s running outside and not in an attached garage or basement. He says the carbon monoxide that’s emitted from a generator is very dangerous, and could potentially be fatal. If you’re going to light candles, Hayes says you need to take extra care when using them in the home for any length of time.

If you use assistive devices that need power to run and aren’t sure if the outage will affect you, contact Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376, or go to the outage map, and selected planned outage to see which areas will be without power.

Muskoka Lakes may open a warming centre at the Torrance Community Centre if a number of residents are critically impacted by the planned outage, or if the District of Muskoka requests it.