Tension between the MNR and the Wahta Mohawks First Nation continues. Yesterday, the Wahta Mohawks held a protest at the Bala Portage between the Moon River and Lake Muskoka. Mohawk organizers say their concern is that the Federal and Provincial governments failed to fulfill their “Duty to Consult” with them over the ban on portaging that’s currently in effect at the site. But MNR Senior Media Relations Coordinator, Jolanta Kowlaski says the Mohawks were consulted.

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Mohawk organizers say the site is just as important as it was when they first arrived back in 1881. They also say the proposed hydro plant would destroy the historic portage, which they and other First Nations have used for many generations. (PHOTO: The scene of the ‘Portage-In’ protest held Thursday at the Bala Portage. Photo by Matthew Sitler)