It could be mental health support, introducing French at a younger age or supporting seniors. The Ontario government is asking the public to vote on your top three favourite ideas for the 2018 budget. It has a number of different options you can cast a vote for, including increasing access to healthy food in the north and increasing support for those with Autism.

The province says up to $5 million will be put aside to implement the most popular ideas.

Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller says often times people don’t pay attention to what goes on at Queen’s Park, so a way to encourage public participation is a good thing.

Miller says small businesses could use some support as well, as the minimum wage increase and high Hydro bills are adding up. When it comes to his own priorities for the 2018 budget, Miller says he’d like to see the Auditor General get some oversight over partisan government advertising.

Miller says the Auditor General used to be able to decide if ads were partisan and if they would be allowed to run or not. But, that has been weakened so Miller says the Auditor General is just a rubber stamp now.

Miller says he also wants to see a balanced budget this year.

Finally, Miller says more investment into long-term care beds in Ontario is needed. He says Fairvern needs extra beds, as well as long-term care homes in Burk’s Falls and the Almaguin area.

You can have your say on this year’s budget on the Budget Talks website, and check out the progress from last year’s suggestions on the project tracker website. Voting closes at 5:00pm on January 26th.