Volunteers are needed to help solve local crimes. Crime Stoppers Simcoe Dufferin Muskoka is looking for people to help out with community awareness and fundraising initiatives in Muskoka as well as attend community events throughout the year to educate the public on the organization.

Police Coordinator for Crime Stoppers, Leslie Woodley, says the time commitment will depend on what potential volunteers want to sign up for.

Woodley says volunteers can also choose to attend special events based on their own schedule, as well as help with fundraising.

In 2017, Crime Stoppers gave out almost $30,000 in rewards.

Woodley says it can take as few as five people to start a committee, and any amount of public education will be helpful. Potential volunteers will have to go through an application process which includes a criminal background check.

Anyone with more questions or interested in volunteering can get in touch with Angie Shiner at 705-726-2237. You can also follow Crime Stoppers on Twitter @CrimeSDM

Number of arrests made due to Crime Stoppers tips jumped by almost 100 between 2016 and 2017