With today’s rain and tomorrow’s expected drop in temperature, flash freezing could hit the district. Environment Canada says a cold front is moving into Muskoka on Friday morning, so rain will change to snow and there will be a hard freeze as the temperature plummets to minus 10 during the day and minus 21 overnight. There may also be a brief period of freezing rain as the rain turns to snow.

The weather service says ponding water, slush and any falling precipitation will freeze as the temperature drops. Roads, sidewalks and parking lots will become icy and slippery, and Environment Canada says to take extra care while driving or walking in affected areas.

On top of tomorrow morning’s icy conditions, around 5cm of snow is expected to fall throughout the day. Environment Canada will issue a flash freeze warning when a rapid drop in temperature is expected, which can cause water from rain or melted snow on streets and sidewalks to quickly freeze.