Bracebridge residents are finding creative ways to help fund the proposed new arena.

Kraft and TSN are accepting nominations for the 2018 Hockeyville competition and Bracebridge has been put in the running. Two nominations have been made for the $250,000 prize to help pay for the proposed complex which is meant to replace the aging Bracebridge Memorial Arena.

Mayor Graydon Smith says he’s proud to see residents are doing what they can to help out.

The Bracebridge arena complex is still in the planning stages and some estimates have put the price tag around 40-million dollars. The town will be applying for government funding to help pay for the build. Smith says however it gets paid for, the arena needs to get built.

The Kraft Hockeyville nomination period ends on February 11th. After that, a panel of judges will select the four most-deserving projects. Canadians will then be invited to vote on these four in March. You can find the Bracebridge nominations here.