They were all wet for a great cause. Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith and Deputy Mayor Rick Maloney’s walk in Bracebridge’s downtown yesterday was anything but dry. The pair took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a very public way. Things started at 4pm with the Mayor following through with a challenge by his in laws in Ajax, Mark & Lorraine Scanlan. Smith walked to the downtown and had BIA members douse him as he walked by their shops. He topped it off with one self-inflicted bucket. He then challenged the BIA merchants and the Deputy Mayor to follow suit. Rick Maloney was with him and he then took the ice water pounding. Maloney then challenged the remainder of Town Council. The BIA merchants may take the challenge today. Look back here later on for a video of Thursday’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor ice bucket ordeals. To learn more about the challenge, visit (Submitted Photo)