Huntsville home owners will soon know what their 2018 property tax bills will look like. The town has a council meeting on January 22nd, and is expected to vote to adopt the budget for the year.

At December’s committee meeting, a 2.42 per cent tax increase was decided on for the town portion of your tax bill. However, the final amount homeowners actually pay is expected to be lower than that as the District of Muskoka and the Board of Education budgets will be factored in. Those numbers haven’t been officially set yet, but it’s looking like a 3.9 per cent levy increase for the district, while education has a three per cent decrease.

With those numbers factored in, Huntsville home owners will see a 0.57 per cent increase, which equals out to be $5.00 for every $100,000 in home assessments. That number could vary for individual home owners depending on if there is a change in assessment for your home.

Part of this year’s budget is going into a bigger spend on snow removal, increasing minimum wage for town employees, extending Hunters Bay Trail and maintaining the town fleet.