If you’re worried about your pipes freezing due to the extreme cold, there are some steps you can take. The District of Muskoka has released a number of tips to prevent frozen lines, like insulating your inside pipes. You can buy foam pipe covers or heating tape at most hardware stores which will help pipes on an outside wall stay warm. You can also heat your crawl space, open your cabinet doors to let warm air circulate, and leave a tap open enough for a small stream of water to flow. On top of that, know where the main shut off is in your home in case of an emergency.

If you’re leaving for the winter, the district says you can have your service shut off and lines drained if you’re on the municipal water line. If you’re on a private service, call a plumber to winterize your home or cottage, and keep your thermostat set at 15 degrees Celsius or higher.

There are also some steps you can take if your pipes are already frozen. Use a hair dryer and point it where the line enters your house, but don’t use an open flame. You can call a plumber who can find out where the pipe is frozen and if a thawing machine is needed. Once the line is thawed, leave a tap running. If your municipal service line is frozen, contact your municipality.