Huntsville won’t be getting any cash from the province to pay for damages caused by heavy rain in late August. The cost to repair the damage came in at around $325,000 and the minimum cost to be eligible for provincial funding is $404,000. Huntsville’s Director of Operations and Protective Services, Steve Hernen, outlined the costs during this week’s committee meeting. He says the original estimate to pay for the damage of washed out roads and culverts was $658,000 but the work was done for much cheaper.

Hernen’s report to committee also explained there is no operational funds to cover the cost, so the money to pay for it will come from road reserves. There were a number of roads that needed repairs, including Deerhurst Drive at a cost of $130,000 and Grassmere Road for around $80,000.

The August 22nd storm broke a 132-year record in Huntsville. On the official record, 46 mm of rain fell in town but Environment Canada officials say more fell in areas that weren’t on record, some areas getting up to 100 mm.

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Tuesday’s rain in Huntsville broke a 132-year record