The District of Muskoka is injecting some cash into the Port Carling locks. During Monday’s council meeting, the district decided to invest $1 million to fix the gates on the large and small locks, as they are virtually originally and haven’t had much maintenance over the last 70 years.

Muskoka Lakes Councillor Phil Harding, who is also the district’s Engineering and Public Works Committee Chair, says the main mechanical and hydraulic structure, as well as the steel and the wood parts of the gates, need work.

Harding says it would take that long because all of the parts are custom made, and it isn’t as simple as going to a Home Depot to buy a new gate. He says now is the time to do the work to avoid any disruptions during the summer boating season.

Work has already begun on the locks, and Harding says it should wrap up on the large gate by May and the small gate by mid-June. Drivers may notice some delays on Thursday, from 10:00am to 2:00pm as Muskoka Road 118 will be down to one lane at the lift bridge for work to continue at the locks.