Muskokans will get an idea of how healthy our waterways are in 2018. The Muskoka Watershed Council is working on a watershed report card, which is a science-based evaluation of the health of the water, land and wetlands across Muskoka.

Muskoka’s Director of Environmental & Watershed Programs, Christy Doyle, says a lot of work has gone into this report card over several years.

Doyle says it looks at all of the shared water in Muskoka, from Lake of Bays to Georgian Bay and everything in between. She says the report will help to keep Muskoka waterways safe, because we can’t protect what we don’t know about.

She says then the community can take action to make sure what they’re doing is helping the environment instead of harming it. Doyle says the watershed council hopes to get the report card out by this summer.

You can check out the 2014 report card on the Muskoka Watershed website, which includes a breakdown of specific lakes and rivers.