Gravenhurst is planning ahead to maintain its roads, bridges and parks. The town passed its 2018 capital budget today, which includes a three year plan to look after infrastructure. The budget of just over $5.5 million includes 51 projects, like investing in road rehabilitation, reconstructing Synder’s Bay Bridge and improving town facilities.

The town can only approve one budget year at a time, but Director of Infrastructure Andrew Stacey says the multi-year plan lays out future needed investments. He says starting next year, the plan will extend to five years which allows the town to schedule repairs and maintenance as required. He says it’s good business practice and lessens the need for emergency repairs which can be expensive. 

Mayor Paisley Donaldson says more work needs to be done to address the infrastructure deficit, but council has a laid strong foundation to do that.

The town’s budget process isn’t over yet however, as it will next tackle the operating budget. Those talks get underway in February, and once they wrap up homeowners will get an idea of what the impact on property taxes will be.