Business owners struggling to find qualified workers could benefit from an upcoming information session. Starting in January, the Huntsville YMCA is hosting monthly meetings on the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. The grant provides employers with up to $10,000 for current employees to receive additional training, or $15,000 for new hires. Employers do have to pay for a third of the cost for current employees, but there is some flexibility for small business owners. To be accepted, training has to be delivered by an eligible third party.

YMCA Interim Team Leader Mary Ellen Fetterly says the different types of industries they have seen apply for the grant this far include the trades, manufacturing, customer service jobs, leadership development, marketing or social media and automotive sales.

Fetterly says this grant can help bridge the gap in Muskoka when it comes to business owners who can’t find someone to hire with a specific skill.

When it comes to those looking for a job, Fetterly says if a job posting has a certain qualification listed as a requirement and you don’t have that certification, let the hiring manager know.

The monthly sessions the YMCA is running on the grant will go over who can apply, what kind of money employers can expect to get back and the different materials that will be covered, like travel and books.

Employment Specialist Brent McIntosh says the grant also has the opportunity to turn seasonal workers into year-round.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is a joint partnership between the provincial and federal governments. It’s a six-year program, and $192 million has been committed to the fund. Any business owners interested in joining January’s information session is asked to call the YMCA to pre-register at 705 787 0349.