Norm Miller says northerners are being left out of an important discussion on Ontario policing.

The Parry Sound Muskoka MPP was at Queen’s Park to support his colleague MPP Laurie Scott last week. The province has set up two days of public consultation to review changes to the Police Services Act. Scott was asking for more public meetings in northern Ontario but was shut down.

Miller says public stakeholders like front-line officers who have a chance to speak will barely have any time. He says the two days of meetings will run about 10 hours, which gives every presenter 5 minutes to talk. Miller says this is barely enough time for anyone to speak about their concerns with this 400-page document outlining all the changes.

Other proposed changes to the act include the creation of police service boards at the municipal level, adding cellphone tracing technology to the tools police can use to track missing people and a required Coroner’s Inquest anytime someone is killed when an officer uses force in an arrest.

Miller says with all these changes coming the province should be giving public stakeholders more time to speak.