Canada’s 150th birthday, the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Ontario and touring local hospitals. Those were all some of the highlights for Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller over the past year. Miller says another high point in 2017 was introducing his Private Member’s Bill, called “Reducing Waste One Pod at a Time”, which would force all coffee pod distributors in Ontario to use compostable pods if passed.

As the MNRF Critic, Miller holds the ministry accountable. One of his first acts was launching a petition to ask the Auditor General to make sure hunting and fishing license fees are going towards conservation efforts.

But, Miller says there were some low lights over the past year as well.

He says the college strike was another low point, as students were out of the classroom for five weeks and 25,000 students are dropping out for the rest of the year in Ontario.

Miller says when the Legislature resumes in 2018, his focus will be on wasted spending.

The report is 900 pages long, so Miller says there will be lots to go through when they’re back. June 7th will also be on Miller’s mind in the New Year, as that will be provincial election day.

Another 2017 highlight for Miller? Welcoming his first grandson, Malcolm.

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